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Monday, January 15, 2007 ♥
My Indonesia trip ♥ 9:09 PM

As promised, about the Indonesia trip. Although the trip was less than a week, many interesting things happened.

We took Emirates which was pretty disappointing for me. I think i should never trust advertisements. Sure, they got pretty girls but where are all the guys??!! I prolly be happier in First class but you pay my airfare ah?

Ok, i digress. We were pretty happy in Fresa's home and were too excited to sleep. Maybe i should be thankful for being a deep sleeper. I can't believe i missed the morning drama though:( Apparently, Jon got freaked out and came knocking on our door. Fresa said that Jon disturbed me too but i was too dead to know. Oh, whatever.

The second day was a little light shopping and food!

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Then we are whisked off to camp. I think i spoke the least in my entire life in the 3 days i was in the camp. Everything was wrong from the start from my name to where i sleep. Brothers' dorm? No thanks. I was so pissed that i decided that i'm gonna be anti social which explains why i hardly knew anybody except a couple of them who is really determined to chat with me. I respect their determination because i was as icy as ice? Yeah, now you know i have double identities. Met Pr Yang there. Same, no change. His sermons still managed to make people cry. By the way, those people who wants to look for their future other half, i highly recommend you to come for this camp. In my opinion it is as thinly veiled as a matchmaking thingy it can be. I was deeply traumatised not to say the least. Keren isn't much better off i believe. Hor, Keren? One thing worth mentioning that we can learn from them though. Don't 'siam' when taking photos. Instead squeeze and SMILE!

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After the camp, it was shopping again:):):) and the body scrub, I'm missing it! I'm not sure whether i got fairer or not but one thing for sure, i felt clean and nice. We also celebrated New year in Indonesia. I believe this is the first time i celebrated my New year overseas and on a rooftop. Yep, on Vicky's home rooftop. We, people staying in Singapore are a bunch of deprived people. We don't get to see fireworks from the comfort of our home!
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Another interesting thing, their smoking areas are not enclosed. Courtesy of Jon pointing it out to me. What's the use then? Its the picture in the extreme left by the way.

How can i not mention our beloved trusty Bluebird taxi. Jon say i shouldn't keep saying bluebird because its not a very polite thing to do so.

Jon: Anyhow call Bluebird one ah.
Me: Why? Nothing wrong what.
Jon: You try saying that in Hokkien.
Me:(Blushing like crazy)

Jon, how can you think that far??!! Now we know what Jon is thinking*wink wink, nudge nudge* Obviously, the owners of this Bluebird company are not Hokkien.

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Sheep brains and tongue.. Arghhhh!
Overall, i pretty much enjoy myself. Don't worry about that but then next time, Fresa, please bring your mum along!

Thank you Fresa and Vicky for being such wonderful hosts and Jon for being our porter, food finisher and jester:)

The rest of the pictures is at http://serenewithchurch.shutterfly.com/action/?a=0AZuWbFi2ZsmLmw¬ag=1

The password is the usual. If you don't know, refer to http://beyondserenity.blogspot.com/2007/01/theolo-06.html

♥ Princess Serene

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