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Monday, January 08, 2007 ♥
Theolo 06 ♥ 10:51 PM

Theolo 2006 was as usual, full of life. Ok, at least the first week after which you see walking zombies. Still, interesting things happened. Many wonderful memories created within a span of 3 weeks although for me, it was only for 2 weeks since i'm in Youth Theolo. Looking back, i find it amazing that all 60 plus of us could get along relatively well.

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Over the days,
Sisterhood and brotherhood was forged even closer,
Singing during breaks(zao sia king/queen),
having nicknames, some ok but others downright funny(beautiful smile, blackie, blah blah blah),
doing duties together,
Singing while cleaning the toilets(wink wink to Yvonne),
People falling on the wet floor then standing up saying nothing happened*points to Harvard*
Eating bread for breakfast every morning,
then eating bread again during supper/chit chat,
Feeding mosquitoes during meals;
Being the blood donor so others don't get bitten*points to self*,
Rushing assignments,
Having a peaceful library until Ernie and Mad cow enters,
James saying 'Shut up' plus his 'or else i'll kill u' look,
Ernie talking crap,
Edwardie talking so fast,
Jonathan(Adam) wasn't any better,
Toilets' rush hour,
Small talks during breaks to catch up with times,
People getting Holy Spirit,
Mango body butter,
Sisters dressing each other up in the Dorm('Do i look ok?' and 'Can i borrow____' was the pet phrases),
Fat grabbing(aherm)
Taking retarded pictures,
People falling asleep during lessons,
Sleep deprivation,

People abusing my dog(refer to picture above),
The disgusting medicated oil trend,
Nic and Kyn farewell,
Singing presentations...
I felt i went through a lot during the 2 weeks i was there.

The rest of the pictures are in this album
http://serenewithchurch.shutterfly.com/ . And just to annoy you guys, i put a password.

Here is the hint: What is my MSN nickname? Just the first one:) All letters are in the lowercase!

Sorry that i took ages to upload these pictures due to the Indonesia trip and the hours spent photshopping the pictures. If you noticed your pimples or mole is gone but think you would look better with them, find somebody else to photoshop them back!

Coming up would be my Indonesia trip! Keep a lookout!

♥ Princess Serene

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