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Monday, April 26, 2010 ♥
On wisdom teeth ♥ 2:36 PM

23 April 2010 is the day that my wisdom teeth will be dug out. Literally. I hope the pain will not be as bad as some people friends has described it to be. Truth to be said, I am freaking scared now. I even woke up this morning wondering why my mouth don't hurt when I am getting it out only in the afternoon. Tell me about being paranoid.

It seems that my friends are more excited about my teeth being ripped out than I do. Everyone has been giving me tips and warnings:/ Thank you guys, I love you all but don't you think you guys are scaring me too much?

Surely, the pain I am gonna expect won't be as bad as the ones the wisdoms are giving me right?! Oh, and not eating 6 hours and not drinking 3 hours before the surgery sucks. So in order to distract myself from the worry and hunger and the thirst, I went shopping:)

5pm at my dentist. Still smiley because I know that I won't feel the pain YET. Anesthetic is awesome because, I heard NOTHING AT ALL! But at some point I think I felt the pain? But someone said it's ok and I went back to oblivion again. It's scary how I can't recall anything but then again, I don't recall people walking into my room when I am sleeping anyway:P

Many thanks to Dr Quincy and Dr Woo. They are an awesome team and answered my questions patiently:)

Post surgery

Why I deserve a 'get well soon card'
  1. I took a photo of my unglamorous self so that people out there will know how you will look like straight after you get your wisdoms out
  2. I look like the cutest chipmunk you ever seen (see below)
  3. The medicine is horrible:/ I don't know how many times I have thrown up:( Disgusting.
  4. I can't eat!!! Impossible for a foodie like me
  5. Even my parents doesn't know I am getting my wisdoms out. You knew first!
  6. If you are nice friend, you would give me one:D
The makings of a chipmunk. With bloodstained lips.

Now don't you feel sorry for me?

I can't believe they are inside me for so long.. They are freaking huge!

My horrible medication with my calculation for when I take my medicine.

Funny thing is, I think I forgot to let my parents know when I am getting my teeth out. When I called them on the 3rd day after the drama of my spewing my guts out, I was like 'oh by the way, your daughter got her wisdoms out.' And they were pretty cool about it until they asked how many I got out. I said 'four' and I can imagine my dad's eyes popping out. Chey, now they want to fly over but nah, it's not like I am dying in hospital. Or like totally helpless.

Hang on, isn't taking out 4 wisdom teeth normal? Everyone has been giving me the shocked look but if you think about it, take out 1 puffy face so why not just get all out at the same time? Oh, and if anyone is thinking about going on a diet, go get your wisdoms out. I think I lost weight going on this stupid liquid diet and I keep raging because I keep getting hungry. Bleh, not being able to eat sucks especially if you love your food like I do.

Still there are many things I am thankful for.

I am very glad I bought the down blanket. It's comforting:)

The food people had been giving me:)

Tea anyone?


Supply of soup for a long time:)

Cold pack! Best creation ever! At this point of time that is ^^

And because I am such an awesome friend and I know everyone is DYING to see my chipmunk face, here is it. Don't I look like the most adorable chipmunk you ever met? Ok, I woke up in the morning in shock because... It's just soooo... unthinkable. Maybe when I gain another 50 kg, this is how my face will look like.

So far, you might be wondering what I had been doing. Well, some times when I feel better, I clean a bit, tidy abit, look through my clothes and discovering "new" stuff I never remembered buying.

When I feel sick, I just watch movies and dramas! Honestly, they are such a waste of time and this flower flowers over boys show (wait, or is it boys over flowers?) took the bulk of it. I think I was like screaming at them to hurry up because most of the time, I can guess what happened. And the only guy's name I remembered was Ji hoo which I referred to as the blond guy for the last 20 episodes.

Well, the only good thing about this show is, I get to see nice clothes:):):) Probably the only reason why I keep watching. But seriously, some of the clothes that the guys wear are pretty questionable. Like printed hot pink floral shirt with white shorts or was it pink shorts? And whose idea was it to perm the main guy's hair?!

But I gotta say, the 2nd guy from the left is CUTE:):):) And I still don't know his name after 25 episodes. Fans must be infuriated but who cares. I do feel a little dumber after watching this drama though OR is it the effect of losing my wisdom teeth*gasp*

I still have a steady supply of movies I have yet to watch because usually I have no time to so it has been a movie marathon! Thanks to all who supplied me with the movies, gotta love you guys or I would have died of boredom.

Lastly, this stupid post took me 3 days to write because I feel sick at times and have to stop to lie down. Firstly, thank you Uncle Weng for driving me to the clinic and back home. Also, thanks all who are so sweet to come visit me and especially Mel and twins who came over to look after me when I was throwing up like crazy (read: dying). And many thanks to people who brought food over to me:) I feel loved! ♥

♥ Princess Serene

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