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Tuesday, March 09, 2010 ♥
Testing ♥ 12:30 PM

I'm blogging on my phone right now:) having my lunch before i start raging!

For 2 days straight, i had been walking to work. My journey starts at Mclver to Perth station where i have to walk to the underground station and when i reach Stirling station, it's another 30minutes walk. Sometimes i wonder whether God thinks i'm getting too comfy and fat and confiscate my car.

I'm not complaining tho. Since yesterday, i had been thinking about uncle Arthur and his family. Are they coping alright because uncle Arthur met with a horrible accident and is in the hospital right now. I can't do much but prayers. I know we are not meant to compare but i feel thankful that i was safe even though my car was injured.

Auntie was telling me about how one of her colleague's brother got t-boned and never fully recovered. It kinda of make me realise that i shouldn't complain.

Anyway, it's just so different when you are praying for someone you know. I hope uncle Arthur will be alright.

For those people reading this, please say a prayer for uncle arthur and his family. People at Perth church are praying from 8.30 to 9pm every night for the next few days and it will be good if you can join us:) May God remember your love.

Didn't planned on writing so much but yeah, this had been on my mind lately and i got to let it out!

♥ Princess Serene

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