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Friday, March 26, 2010 ♥
Self pity ♥ 12:41 AM

Disclaimer: This is a 'feel sorry for Serene' blog entry. If you do not think you can find enough love in your heart to feel sorry for me, do not look further. And please, don t leave hate comments. This world has enough hatred as it is.

I m not one who feel sorry for myself because i believe there are much more unfortunate souls out there. But once in a while, when I m at the trough of the graph, i allow myself some leeway.

Maybe, it s a combination of PMS and nasty things that make me feel really really really upset.

Let me make a list of things that happened to me today that made me so antsy.
1. My audit with client got cancelled hence i had to go office WHEN traffic s insanely bad
2. When i got to office, someone conveniently TOOK over my desk. Fine by me BUT guess what, being nice doesn t pay off. My boss got upset that i m not at my desk and told me off.
3. My stummy cramps were permanently there. I can t even sneeze or cough, it just hurt that bad:(
4. Someone passed a really mean remark.
5. Waited at Fuji for an hour before we could have dinner
6. Chicken Katsu don became pork Katsu don. They are just very different!
7. I m still waiting for my headache to go away. It s hurting so bad i just feel like throwing up which was pretty much what i had been feeling like the whole of today anyway.

I know my list don t look as bad as some other people but this has been continuing for some time already. It s really hard to count your blessings when your head is throbbing like mad and you just feel permanently nauseous. And no, i m definitely not pregnant. Honestly, i want to cry so bad but i m so tired.

All these shall come to pass but meanwhile, please be gentle with me.

♥ Princess Serene

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