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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 ♥
Crazy storm! ♥ 8:07 PM

Thank God I went home super early yesterday because my car needed to go for a checkup:) It feels awesome to leave work at 2pm although I bought work home.

The air was super still and suddenly it hailed (read: chucks of ice falling from the sky). Usually, I would not be too worried about it but today, it was like HUGE pieces of ice. Maybe half the size of my fist? I was so worried about my car because I parked it in the open. Shame I didn't take a photo of the hail:/ Should have... now I am regretting it:(



Tash and Kelsey went to rescue poor Peaches who was at the backyard.

The house got flooded! Uncle was so mad that it was pretty funny when you hear him rage. So much for Burswood buffet that night. NO ELECTRICITY!!! I ended up having korean noodles candlelight style.

Apparently the storm was so bad, 150,000 people were left electricity-less, some unfortunate people have their roofs fallen in and some have their car badly damaged. Auntie called from work to say that the roof in the operating theatre at the hospital has fallen in during a case. Oh dear, I hope the patient is ok.

Thank God, when i went home to my other house, WE HAVE ELECTRICITY!!! And the house is unharmed:):):)

The drive home was awfully scary though. I felt like I was driving through a war zone. Traffic lights not working, rain pelting on the car, branches on the ground and the darkness of the place.

The aftermath
You can't see this clearly but it's all tiny holes made by the hail. Saw this when I went for my Krav Maga at Subiaco. It's pretty amazing tho!

Leaves all over the floor
And botak trees:)

P.s: My parents thought i was joking when I smsed them about the storm! Dad called me 2 days later on my way to work in the morning and asked if I was ok. They thought i was trying to get away from talking to them on webcam. But they saw the news and decided that I wasn't joking at all. My parents*shake head*

♥ Princess Serene

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