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Thursday, March 04, 2010 ♥
Chronicles of the car-less days ♥ 11:11 PM

I suppose sometimes things has to be taken away from you to fully appreciate them better. Take my car for example. When some random dude decided to ram into my car, it was sent to the mechanic for one whole week. You don't understand how sad my life was. Remember, Perth isn't exactly the most transport friendly place AND because there ain't any bus near my work place, I have to WALK TWENTY MINUTES to work every morning. I suppose I thank God it wasn't raining or I will be one very very very sad person.

I think taking public transport is not really that bad. Minus the 20 minutes walk to work and the exorbitant ticket prices, I would rather take the bus or the train. It's like suddenly I have more time on my hands! The first time I took the train, I was like, hmm, I am bored. So I started checking people out:P but there wasn't very interesting people to watch so I ended up day dreaming...

And also admire the scenery that I never had time for when I was driving.




On second thought, I think the 20 minutes walk made me feel a bit more healthy:P But I will have my car anytime!

♥ Princess Serene

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