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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 ♥
Angry post on guys ♥ 9:57 PM

Lately, if you have heard about the news about the Tiger Wood saga then the Jack Neo one, I am pretty sure you can draw a conclusion by now which is, not too hard to guess. It seems that you can't trust a guy anymore. Either they cheat on you or they get really petty or they just whinge a lot in general. Is there no patient and forbearing guys in this world anymore?

Why oh why are guys these days going all gay? Ok, maybe I am just angry with guys in general but I believe I have good reasons to do so. Hmm, do angry even justify what I am feeling now. I think the appropriate word is apoplectic.

GUYS HAD BEEN WHINGING WAAAAY TOO MUCH!! Moreover, the ratio of guys to girl whinging to me is like 3:1. Where are the chauvinistic boys of old? Like hello, ain't guys meant to toughen up and take it like a man? Before you go on accusing me of being heartless, have you ever thought that you could have DONE something to prevent it? It just pisses me off real bad when people whinging and whinging instead of shutting up and go solve the problem.

Case 1
Say if you got in a real accident, i.e: like someone crashing into your car and you are left carless for a week, it's ok for you to whinge because

  1. It wasn't your fault
  2. Even if it's your fault, it was a FREAKING accident that no one could have prevent
  3. You are a girl
Shut up if you think this is a very sexist blog entry. I already told you I am angry with boys right now. Anyway, it's part of girl's nature to whinge sometimes. Although I find that my girlfriends don't do it as much as the guys these days.

Case 2
You keep complaining about your job ALL THE TIME and how you hate it. Life sucks, yes but you can do something about it.
  1. How about losing that ego thingy and make some friends?
  2. Find something interesting in your job
  3. But if you honestly hate your job so much, why don't you just quit.
You made the choice to accept the job so you should also bear the consequences or just quit instead of contributing more carbon dioxide to the environment.

Case 3
Complaining that you are bloody tired on MSN. DUDE, if you are tired, freaking get off the internet and go to bed! Why whinging about it when it won't help.
  1. You bought it upon yourself by not sleeping
  2. When you are a guy, whinging is not cool especially when- see point one
  3. Guys and whinging does not go, you just irritate the hell out of people

Just to make it clear, I think it is fair when people meet me after work and say they are tired because obviously after a full day of work, it's only right they will be tired but they are willing to spend time with their friends.

Therefore, just please stop complaining and do something about it! There is enough sad things in this world, can't you guys help make a difference by stop whinging? Thank you.

Offering sympathy to only people who deserves it. Next person to whinging unreasonably bears my wrath.

♥ Princess Serene

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