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Monday, February 08, 2010 ♥
Job offer ♥ 9:21 PM

Thank God I got a job:):):) well, actually I am kinda sad that my life is like O.V.E.R. Like come on, you work 8 hours a day and it’s 8-5 which means no more impromptu shopping sprees at 3pm where the shopping mall is the least crowded:) Gonna miss all the awesome sales. And this actually makes me very very sad. It’s like work rob me of playtime.
But being the optimistic me, on the bright side, this is a list of things I should be happy for.
1. I am getting PAID. I suppose I can accumulate power and then when I am on leave, I spend them all at once.
2. I am actually now a productive member of society. No more smelly tutorials to do on weekends well, until I do my CA that is.
3. I am learning things- FOR FREE

Ok, I can only think of 3. We will see how it goes:)
Anyways, I am going on a crazy shopping spree before work starts on next Monday:)
OH by the way, apparently auditors are super boring people. If I ever turn into one, please please please hit me!

♥ Princess Serene

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