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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 ♥
Jetting off to Sydney ♥ 12:38 PM

I always thought that Sydney Theolo is something still far away in the future after making the huge decision in September.

Tonight I am going to leave on a ONE-WAY ticket and honestly, I don't feel ready even though I had been praying to God for strength to get through this theolo. I don't know. Perhaps, it is the fear of the unknown or maybe it's the things I had been hearing from others. Heck, I even had a nightmare last night again. Nevertheless, it is too late to back out anyway. I just gotta tough it out for 3 weeks whether I like it or not. I am an optimistic person and I know I will try to find some joy in being there even if I hate it. Afterall, I am there to prove everybody that it is not that bad:)

The short 3 months I spent in Singapore seems to be like another summer spent during a uni break but perhaps a little earlier than the usual one. I even got to work as a researcher! As you know the drama me, there are many things that happened to me that don't usually happen to people.

I know I haven't been updating my blog because
  1. My laptop died and you get to see me more often lately because my dad finally decided to sponsor me.
  2. I had been insanely busy catching up with friends. The cons of having too many friends
  3. I am just lazy
I promise when I get back from Sydney theolo, I will update it in Perth. I know I am super drama but I am honestly on a one-way ticket and I am still not over the fact that Singapore might become just another destination I can choose on my work leave. Although I had yet to find a job, my body is screwing me over and the little bits of rough patch here and there, I am sure God has prepared something for me.

I had yet to pack my bags and my flight is 4 hours away. I should really get off my computer and get around my errands and pack my bags.

Wish me luck and a safe trip:) And oh, I wish you all a very Happy New Year:) God bless!

♥ Princess Serene

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