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Sunday, August 09, 2009 ♥
A good dream ♥ 11:11 PM

leads to a good day:)

Had a good sleep and a pretty awesome dream just now:) Plus my foot is much better so overall my day is rated 8 out of 10:)

The weatherman lied though! It was meant to be raining but it was nice and sunny but since I told my friend that I wouldn't go freo anymore, I stayed at home. It's a nice feeling to stay at home once in a while and quieten myself after days and days of going out the whole day.

Since my foot still kinda of hurt, I decided to stay at home and write letters long overdue for a reply. I feel that writing a letter is waaaay more personal than writing an email as most of you would agree. Well, unless you are a guy but then I think that guys secretly enjoy receiving letters just that they think that it is too gay to admit so. But seriously! It feels nice, warm and fuzzy to get something from someone from the letter box right??? I wrote so many that I felt like I was writing an exam! But an enjoyable one that I know all the answers to:)

I know I have so many :) in this entry but I can't help it. Feeling happy at the moment. No nightmares:) Well, when was the last time you wrote a letter to your close friends? I think I am about to start a new trend! Go write a letter to a friend today... Unless you don't have friends:P Ok, kidding, you can still write to your parents. Pretty sure they will appreciate it.

Postage is gonna kill me though! But as long as people are happy:)

P/s: Basketball was awesome until the end of the game when I remembered that my foot hurts! Fun irregardless that I can't even shoot a hoop properly because I get to shove people:P

P/s/s: I can't believe I'm so retarded at Solitaire showdown now!! Wilson owned my face 16 times and I won the last round because he let me! I need training buddies please!

♥ Princess Serene

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