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Sunday, May 03, 2009 ♥
This time, I can proudly declare ♥ 11:35 PM


I'm still shaking probably from an overdose of adrenaline. Honestly, I still don't understand why God created cockroaches. Like, hello, how are they useful in the food chain? Who wants to eat them anyway:/

Remember how last time I mentioned about killing a baby roach? This time, for certain it is HUGE because I was in the shower, not wearing my glasses obviously and I saw it. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm very close to being blind without my glasses and if I can see it from a few metres away, it got to be huge right?

I didn't see it at first but while showering, I saw something very brown and looked very much like a roach moved. You don't know how much I wish for once that I'm half blind and I so did not see a cockroach just ran along the wall.

I think that was the longest shower I had taken since a long long time ago just because I don't want to kill that roach yet. But at least, I have time to mentally prepare myself not to cry and scream.

Do you know, I was stepping out of the shower still hoping what I saw was not a roach? Alas, I got my glasses and the truth was what I thought it was. I never felt so vulnerable before.

When was the last time I prayed so fervently before? I'm seriously scared that the roach will fly. The feelers was twitching already!!! And I only have the towel on me?

Perverted cockroach! You will die a horrible slow death! Thank God for insecticide:) I sprayed so much, I probably would kill myself at the same time. And the freaking roach RAN! Ok, as long as not towards me. Don't even suggest me hitting it. I'm not going anywhere near it.

I need instant death insecticide. This one took too long. Maybe, time just passes too slowly for once. But finally, it died. Any insect which decides to come to me dies a slow slow death because I don't even want to hit it. So they die covered in the insecticide foam probably because I sprayed so much on it that it turn white.

Ah, now for the corpse. I really don't want to touch it lor! My hand shook so much when I tried lifting it into a bag with a piece of paper. Finally, done and chuck in the bin outside:)

I think I'm ready to take on anything after this!

♥ Princess Serene

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