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Saturday, May 23, 2009 ♥
Calming my soul ♥ 11:05 PM

I personally thinking that the best way to calm myself is not to pray, although that is the model answer. Yes, yes but again, I'm not exactly the model student. Although people thinks that I am teacher's pet, a title that I don't exactly like. Ok, I digress.

I discovered that after a long drive + speed + loud insane music + no speed cameras around is the perfect combination for me. I know it is dangerous but going down on the freeway(where speed cameras are most unlikely) and a chance when a stupid car decides to race you( yes, I know I will lose but still fun especially when he got stuck behind a car and you zoom ahead:):):) ) is exhilarating.

Yes, I got ticked off by a grand total of 10 things today. I think I deserve a break and not take all this shit. Honestly guys, PLEASE use that brain of yours to think before you speak and BE FREAKING CONSIDERATE ABOUT PEOPLE'S FEELINGS. Yes, I can take jokes but not when you take it too far.

After the drive, felt much more happier and definitely more amiable. And it ended with 'big 2' where you want to lose because winner have to shuffle cards. I don't think I ever tried so hard to make myself lose before.

Then we discussed about the Up North road trip. I'm kinda excited about it because of my stupid ideas. Credits to Jonny for giving me the idea of a Bollywood movie at the pinnacles. We are gonna own Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai faces:) The thought is already making me crack up. I hope Diana goes so she can be the female lead and Jonny can be the male lead. Michael can be the cameraman. And guess who is gonna be the director? Me of course:) The rest of them can be back up dancers. I reckon pinnacles make a good substitute for coconut trees. What do you reckon?

Not really keen at first because i don't really know the people going that well. Technically, I didn't organise it, Ken did. I merely suggested the idea. Hopefully, I'm gonna know them better after the trip. Please let it be a repeat of July 2008:)

♥ Princess Serene

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