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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 ♥
On Krav Maga ♥ 9:57 PM

Due to the spade of robberies, attacks and murders on the streets these days, I feel that there is a strong need to protect myself especially when some guys says that they will just run when attacked does nothing to comfort me.

Besides, my dad believes that I should at least know how to defend myself since I'm here all by myself. Being a strong advocate of Krav Maga, he encouraged me to take that up except that I have no idea where I can learn it.

After much research and guts, I finally went for my first lesson last last week. It takes guts because firstly, I never done such rough sports before. Like all the while I do all the girly ones like ballet, piano, choir and swimming. And and and, I'm going to go there alone since not many people are interested. Either that or the lesson don't fit their schedule. Imagine my fear when I stepped into the hall and I see all these guys with heaps of tattoos all over their bodies hitting each other. Ok, i was late but still! It was pretty scary. I thought I was in the middle of a crime.


Super not used to the agro-ness but it kinda of fun once you get into it so don't mess with me! Good way to vent your anger too.

On my third week, I partnered up with Roberto mainly because there isn't that many girls. And oh, he train me hard. Hence the bruises:( But it was good training although many questioned whether I had an abusive boyfriend.

♥ Princess Serene

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