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Sunday, April 19, 2009 ♥
As I was baking ♥ 9:43 PM


what was meant to be caramel slice I was thinking. The caramel slice didn't turned out right and I decided to name them brownies.

Is this the same with God? Like when He created man, we didn't turn out right and He had to come up with something new. Like, we were meant to be nice yummy caramel slices but because somehow and somewhere something screwed up, so He made something up about us and we wouldn't have any idea because being mere human beings we have limited power and if that Almighty person up there refuse to say that He screwed up, then we wouldn't know, would we?

I know that God is perfect and He would have the foresight and doing everything right. But I'm just wondering. It's almost like, if you lie really well, people will believe you that kinda of thing.

Sometimes, I really wonder whether we were just a result of an accident or He really loved us as He said He did. I know Jesus Christ came down and died for me, but it's like He died for so many other people as well so it is worth it isn't it?

I'm kinda lost right now. I know that God loves me but I'm just wondering whether He is hiding something big from me that's all.

♥ Princess Serene

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