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Friday, April 17, 2009 ♥
And the bad things keep rolling in... ♥ 11:03 PM

Easter break was meant to be awesome but on the first day of my hols, it was dampen by the fact that I lost a diamond on my ring. Yes, the one that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday:( As if the crap rainy weather wasn't depressing enough.

I don't know how I lost it but I must have hit something really hard when I was at Xiao Wei's place for lunch. I only realized that I lost a diamond when I was driving back home. When I reached home, I started looking for the diamond but it is so tiny, what are the possibilities?! Obviously, I can't find it at home so I rang XW but she can't find it either. And I drove all the way back to her house because I feel that I should at least look around at her place before giving up. It just have to rain when I went over:(

Super sadded that I can't find it!

Mourned for it for the rest of the day. Never mind, you know how they say that the next day will be a better one? I busted that myth!

The next day was going fine until Ben asked me over for pasta at his place. Although his place is near, I still have to drive. Dangerous at night to walk around you know. And I stupidly backed my car into the garage door!!!

Thank God, Tash was home with me so I told her I backed into the garage door. And we went hysterical in the garage. I think we were meant to cry but we started giggling instead because it was seriously ridiculous. I think our neighbours hate us now because we started using hammers and whatever tools we have to try knock the door into place so it can close. Guys are totally useless! I called Ben and Ashton to come over to help and they didn't! Ok, maybe it was just because it's Ben and Ashton. Still cooking pasta was a retarded excuse if you asked me. But we survived without you guys anyway. I got the door closing but I still have to call the repair man to come over to fix it and it cost me $150:( There goes money for getting a new bag:( And my baby got scratched:( I think I cried after all the craziness is over.

And for the third day running, I lost another ring that a friend gave it to me! You know how worried and sad I was? 3 freaking days in a row! Well, I suppose Ken finding my ring the next day was a small comfort though. But still, I spent the whole night feeling sad.

Fourth day... God, all this bad luck GOT to stop! Can't take it anymore! I think the previous few days made me kinda of immuned to the crappy things I had been getting but I hope my luck will come back soon!

♥ Princess Serene

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