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Monday, February 09, 2009 ♥
Just so that you know I am still alive ♥ 9:10 AM

I am super duper freaking extremely insanely busy!

People go 'Oh you are back from Vietnam' when I call them or see them. And I thought that it is very strange until I saw my blog. DUH, the last blog entry was about going to Vietnam and I didn't even say how long I am going for. My bad.

I know I haven't been blogging for one whole month but I do have random posts that I don't want to put up yet until the backdated ones are up. So you guys just have to wait.

I have all the FAAAABULOUS memories in my head and hopefully they don't fade so soon that I forgot the details due to my bad memory and thus can't blog. Millions of things that I want to say but alas, my time in Singapore is short and I intend to use every precious minute wisely. I'm currently surviving on 5 hours sleep per night ( I need 8 hours a night!) and whatever forty winks I can get while traveling around. Just so that you know how busy I am, I still have unopened shopping bags lying around my room. Ey! Don't complain! Some of the bags consist of YOUR presents! I'll get around opening them when I am about to leave for Perth. Strange. Of late, nobody dared to venture into my room. Is it because it's almost as bad as a landmine field? Ok, I am not very proud of that fact. But just letting my blogders know in case some kind soul is willing to come over to clear my room up for me^^

Feeling extremely loved at the moment because at least I know that I am still not forgotten in Perth. Or is it because you guys miss bullying abusing me*scrunch forehead* THAT'S WHY I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK SO SOON! Actually, 1 week before uni reopens is really very good. Stop pushing the limits!!!

Exactly one more week and I shall find myself in Perth. Mixed feelings. I treat both places as my home already. Come on, it has been 2.5 years. Some attachment to the place will surely develop:) Unless... you don't come with an open mind.

I hate goodbyes you know:( Gah, I'm getting all emo again.

*Think happy thoughts* Ok, at least my dearest lil' brother is coming with me this time to Perth:) Watch out Perth! We are gonna bring a whole new meaning to HAWT!

UntilIhavetimetoblogagain, God bless!

♥ Princess Serene

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