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Monday, February 16, 2009 ♥
It's time to go home to ♥ 2:57 AM

My Perth home that is.

I hate this part of the time. After the anticipation of my whole summer to be spent in Singapore and as cliche as this may sound, time flies by really fast. And I'll be returning back to Perth tomorrow for the last final lap of my uni life.

I told myself that this would be my last long holiday before I will be going into the workforce therefore I shall use my holiday meaningfully and I believe I have done so:) Yes, by not doing the summer internship which I rightly should have but haven't with absolute no regrets because I wouldn't have done so much. I went through theolo, gone on a study trip in China, helped out in the missionary work in Vietnam, the several trips to Muar, Malaysia to see my grandparents, the many lunches, dinners and suppers with numerous people, the deep and meaningful talk I have with certain people, seeing my 2 besties as often as possible, the things I did just because I am the world freest person. Looking back on my summer, I think I accomplished much.

When I first came back to Singapore, I actually miss Perth and the people I know there especially Tash. I guess she is almost like a sister to me. Maybe, after seeing them everyday, it felt strange not to and besides, Tash is always with me doing things that we probably wouldn't have done if we were alone. You know, like going out on a whim for lunch or a drive. And this actually scares me because I am probably leaving that place in half a year time. I think my heart will break. Sorry, I am acting emo again. But yeah, it's 3.30am as I am typing this and I have a feeling my level of emo-ness is relative to how late I stay up. Ok, I digress.

I hate it when I have to leave for another place. Like, after people get over that initial stage of shyness and are warming up towards each other, then bah, I am gone again and being emotional, I feel upset even though I tell people I can always meet them online. But in reality, I was just trying to lie and comfort myself that I'll see them again.

I know I am going to miss Singapore. My dad and mom, my family, my childhood buddies, friends in general, those random suppers, I feel less lonely because Alvin stay up late too, shopping, lots of laughter. Strangely, I think I will not have appreciate them as much if I hadn't gone overseas and vice visa.

I have this love-hate relationship going on with summer holidays.

I am procrastinating doing my packing mostly because I am trying to cheat myself that I am actually not leaving that soon, and that it is still far far away.

I hope that when I go back, it will be still like old times. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Perhaps, I have that fear which I couldn't express but rather keep it in a corner of my heart and try not to think about it. I know crying doesn't help but at least, for a moment, I feel better.

♥ Princess Serene

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