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Wednesday, February 04, 2009 ♥
Going to visit my grandparents in Muar ♥ 11:35 PM


This is the first time I ever took the bus to my grandparents' place. It's an adventure!

With my mom

Hey! They have a shop named after my name over there!

Awwww, so cuteee but nothing can beat my Peter:)

Bonfire at grandparents. It was nice just working hard scraping the leaves up with my grandpa and at the same time defusing all the anger in me. It's almost like therapy... I feel so much happier now.

Bitter gourd. Yucks!

Went around Muar handling stuff sleeping in the car. I don't know why. I just felt super exhausted and just sleep and sleep and sleep while my uncle drove us around. So tired that when I got home, I continued sleeping. My mom reckons it's because I took too much birdnest soup and all those goodies that is good for me so my body needs time to process it:/

My grandpa's cool tabernacle to keep the mozzies away:)


A very pregnant kitty. I can't wait to see her kittens!

Kaka cutting nails for grandpa. His very own manicurist:P

I'm so proud of my pup! He managed to learn his name in like an hour. I had to constantly call his name and praise him. He's like super adorable. I can't help raving about him. He is after all, my number one fan:)

Then it's home time! Kinda sad leaving the tranquil place where my soul can quieten down but I have a feeling I'm coming back soon!

♥ Princess Serene

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