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Friday, January 30, 2009 ♥
Visiting and Friday service@JB church ♥ 11:04 PM

Went over JB again(!) for some visiting and a family meeting. Well, kinda of meeting which I am not involved since I'm still considered a baby:/

Dn FY and his wife came over with us:)

Dn FY is my current BFF:P Because we both equally love to eat!

Mom met an old friend at the dinner place

Mom and Dad. I forgot what Mom was talking about tho.


The meeting I am talking about. I tried acting like an adult and sit in the meeting but I lost interest after like 30 seconds.

This is more fun:) Cousins loving time:P

We got bored sitting outside church because I was literally feeding the mozzies there so we went into the cry room where there is aircon:) At first, we played with Hui En our baby cousin but she was being naughty so we passed her back to our auntie. And then somehow the topic of the length of our face came up. Siew says the perfect length is 18cm and then we went to find a long ruler and started measuring ourselves-___-" We were bored ok. Yay, I'm the perfect length:P

Thank God the meeting ended soon after and we can all go home:)

♥ Princess Serene

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