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Saturday, January 03, 2009 ♥
My first sabbath in 2009 ♥ 10:45 PM

The usual Sabbath day...

Met botak( Malay for crew cut) Timothy.

Doris from Sydney who will be here for 2 weeks. I seriously don't know what she is going to do here.

Then there is this photo frenzy while I was holding this heavy bunch of flowers. Ok, it does look nice in the photo. And I look good holding it:P

A huge PINK lollipop that Martha gave me^^

After afternoon service, the youths went to check out the Sembawang shopping centre because they just revamp it. Looks promising:)

Had carrot cake at the Kopitiam. I had been craving good carrot cake ever since I came back from Perth. This one is not too

Sen Kee showed me this at one of the shops. Manga Messiah. It's hilarious how Jesus can be a manga character.

Walked to the train station and chit chatting with Fresa at the same time. It's nice to gather with the Sembawang youths for a simple dinner. It feels like the old times again:)

♥ Princess Serene

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