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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 ♥
Lunch and Twilight ♥ 11:10 PM

Met up with my little Aunt and Da kor kor for lunch and then hang around city for 3 freaking hour because I was desperate to catch Twilight before it stop screening in whole of Singapore.

Note to all my friends: Never ever leave me alone in city. Not even for 5 minutes!

I think I went into a shopping frenzy because I didn't shop much in Vietnam. Who in their sane mind will buy 3 dresses in one go? Ok, I shouldn't go in details anymore. The point is, I should be kept away from shops in general, especially with the sales going on.

Anyway, meet my darling RP. Look at the greedy pig:P OK, it's actually me but I made her pose for me because... she is thinner:)

Ah... I decided Edward gets better looking the more I see him but I can't understand how Carlise look waaay hotter although he is the dad. Oh well, I wish my boyfriend can be more like Edward, you know, more gentlemanly and romantic*dreamy eyes* Alas, guys these days are _____. You can fill in the blanks yourself:)

♥ Princess Serene

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