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Thursday, January 15, 2009 ♥
Like the old days:) ♥ 11:59 AM

The original plan was coffee somewhere outside but I can't be stuffed thinking where to meet at 10pm at night so, venue: MY HOME!

Yes, yes. I know I am the only girl AGAIN but then again, this is normal. I grew up with them so I guess me around guys became a normality. How come God don't let our Moms have more girls?!

But you know what? We end up at TTSH. Emergency to be exact.

Kor kor Woon Yuan: ‘Bi wei, 跟你hor,一定很happening的!’ (Proceeds to shake head)

Actually, we were just bringing 半点 to hospital as his leg got infected. I last saw him 10 years ago? He looks eerily like Wilson. I was too shy to ask for his picture though as much as I wanted to take one to show Wilson.

I think it was like 11 plus pm? I was super tired and got high. Jonah baby, I think you look very stylo here:P

Anyway, 半点 has to be admitted into hospital so after we make sure all the paperwork is done, we went for supper.. because I was hungry again.

I think Jonah was saying something to Bi Wei but Bi Wei is more interested in posing for a photo since he knows that pictures I take usually end up in my blog. Must look your best right? *wink wink*

Bak Choy mee!!! We continued to chat and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Although Kor kor Woon Yuan has work tomorrow:P

I think I awesomely parallel parked my dad's car. It's freaking long and the parking lot freaking small + there was this police car waiting at my back so I'm super proud of myself:) Even Kor kor Woon Yuan think so:P

And my driving is not that bad right?!

♥ Princess Serene

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