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Tuesday, January 06, 2009 ♥

And I felt like I saved the world. Ok, it was just a baby one but still! To me, it is a great achievement:) My useless brother refused to kill it. He merely pointed out to me that there is this baby cockroach running around the sink.

Alvin: Ey, got baby cockroach here.
Me: (in horror) WHERE?
Alvin: Here lor (happily washing his water bottle while that sickening roach is running around)
Alvin: You want, you kill.
Me: (Trying to talk some sense into him) Ey, if you don't kill, then it will become a big one!
Alvin: I don't care, you want, you kill.

I think my brother is secretly scared of it. Damnit! Guys these days are not chivalrous. Maybe, it's because I'm not his girlfriend but he should really help me! My boyfriend can't be afraid of these kind of stuff because he has to save me.

Back to the disgusting roach. I couldn't stand the fact that there is a baby cockroach running free and a few months later mutate into an adult one which CAN fly and maybe give birth to many more cockroaches! So what does a girl need to do?

Follow Nike's slogon. JUST DO IT! Grabbed a few pieces of tissue and crush that little bugger while screaming at the same time. And just for good measure plus I was pretty pissed off by my brother's nonchalant attitude, I grab his water bottle and use it to hit the pile of tissues just to make extra sure that the thing DIES.

Feels pretty good afterwards. This is the kind of tragic ending for any misfortunate bug that cross my path. Cockcroaches should never exist, they are like the most useless things plus they scare the hell out of you. Especially the flying ones. Even the guys are scared lor.

OK, I think I just set my point across that I just saved the world from another dozen of cockcroaches just by killing one. You may thank me now.

♥ Princess Serene

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