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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 ♥
Karma? ♥ 11:38 PM

Ok, this is almost like instant karma for catching those fish yesterday.

I had fish for dinner last night and I swallowed a fish bone accidentally. Well, I suppose I deserved it since it wasn't really that accidentally. Pure laziness! I KNEW the fish bone was there but I thought to myself 'Oh, it will mix with the rice and go down anyway.'

WRONG! Got stuck in my throat because I think my windpipe ain't that big so darlings, if you find a fishbone, SPIT IT OUT!

I suffered one whole night:( I tried everything, from rice balls, water, crying, praying, talking but it didn't work. And I was talking to Stan and he said go hospital. I don't want to go to the hospital!? It's just a fish bone right? But I remembered my home auntie telling me how one of her patient nearly died from a fish bone because it travelled to near one of his artery. The thought of that scared the shizz out of me honestly.

So firstly, I went to see my nice family doctor. I love him because, he remembers me? Kidding, he is really nice la! He couldn't find the fish bone and thinks it too deep down so he gave me a referral letter for me to go to the hospital. Sighs...

But before I went to the hospital, I went to the mall near my house for awhile. Meant to get a book from the library but went pass Bysi and they are having sales!! Knowing me... temporarily and conveniently forgot about the fish bone that is STILL in my throat. Sales does wonders.

Eventually, Dad sent me to the hospital. Yes, it was under emergency but I reckon, if I was in a real emergency, I would have died. Had to wait for 2 hours. And there was this dude with a broken arm that was after me? I think he waited as long as me? I hope I never get a broken arm. Either that, or I throw up a drama so I can get instant attention:P

I still can't believe the nurse laughed at me for having a fish bone stuck in my throat!

Finally my turn! Ooohhh, how I hate the doctor! He freaking forgot to put gel on the endoscope THAT HE STUCK INTO MY NOSE until I whimper in pain. As if the bone in my throat wasn't bad enough.

AND HE CAN'T FIND THE BONE?! Super raging by then especially when he said' I can't find the bone so let me take a look again.'

Hello, pain ok? 'You sticking that thing up my nose again? You know, I think the bone is gone*insert weak smile here*' I know I always bargain to get out of things.

Well, he was adamant in looking for that bone most unfortunately:( But I'll give him credit for letting me whinge. He couldn't find the bone still so he was thinking it might be a scar left by the bone and I have to see him the next day to double check!

I'm so not eating fish for the next few weeks! After a good night rest and some medicine that he prescribed, I immediately feel better, well, better enough not to go for the appointment. The thought of that endoscope. Oh my word, it still gives me shivers! But, I suppose my nose is super clean now that the endoscope went through it:P

*Always think optimistically:D Enough drama for the day!

♥ Princess Serene

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