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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ♥
Childhood art and craft ♥ 6:13 PM

I had the luxury of just lazing around on the weekend, read books I had been wanting to read, go have a swim downstairs, following my parents around and just do nothing. Which is extremely rare for me since I can't sit still most of the time:)

And I cleaned up my room:) Over the course of 5 days because in between either I lost interest or I am going out with my parents.

I found this at the back of my closet. Ignore the gloves I was wearing. Just protecting myself from strange funky stuff I see:P

It does bring back memories of my childhood. Teacher Wenli taught us how to make a fuzzy wazzy at Junior youth camp I think.

Looking at it makes me feel nostalgic. I miss those days when I run around in my pretty little dresses with the boys playing catching on a Saturday afternoon after church service.

♥ Princess Serene

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