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Saturday, December 27, 2008 ♥
Hello from China ♥ 11:50 PM

Yes! I do have FREE internet access in the hotel! So happy:) Well, technology is pretty advanced over here huh? The sharp contrast of vegetable farms and the surrounding high rise buildings.

I'm in 富清 now and it is not as bad as I thought. Well, there had been some pretty interesting things that I had observed but I'll save it for the blog entry after the trip. Super tired now, having to wake up at 7 plus every morning. Still, it is meant to be a study trip and it is seriously not easy to be a secretary especially when you have to self translate everything from Mandarin to English. I believe my Mandarin has improved by leaps and bounds after being forced to use it to communicate.

Well, just a blog entry to let everybody know that I had survived the last 2 days. So 4 more to go!

P.s: It's around 15 degrees over here and disgustingly windy! I'm freezing my butt off and Ernie is weird! He went around in a short sleeve shirt on the first day while I'm wrapped up in zillion layers. Ok, I exaggerate. 3 layers only but still! He said he got used to the weather in Sydney. How come I'm not used to the weather in Perth then? My daddy is my official portable heater:)

And guess what, I realised I would be celebrating my New year in Changi airport because I'll be leaving China on the 31st night. Therefore...

Wishing everybody a very Happy new year and a great year ahead where new hopes and wishes begins!

God bless!

♥ Princess Serene

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