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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 ♥
Just ranting ♥ 12:24 PM

I CANNOT TAHAN(Malay for tolerate) already!!!

Super angry at the world at the moment.

I hate the muggy weather now.
I hate the builders 2 houses away because they are blasting Beatles and BeeGees while building the damn house.
I hate just sitting at the table studying for the upcoming exams
I hate not being able to go fishing
I hate that my first exam is on this Saturday 2pm.
I hate the fact that I have to suffer for this stupid piece of certificate.

Gah!!! Seriously, why must the builders PURPOSELY choose the exam period to build houses. ! year =12 months. They must choose particular NOW to build their damn house. Last semester, it was 2 houses away on the right. This time, it is 2 houses away on the left!

And why am I studying for? Who started the stupid trend of the paper chase???!!! I want to kill that person already! Seriously, I don't think I'll apply whatever I learnt in uni for work. Well, people who go on internship for auditing have not done auditing in uni but they are allowed to do so. How retarded is that? What's wrong with learning on the job? That way everybody save their uni fees and everybody is happy. Ok, maybe not those professors who are teaching us. Oh well, they can spend all their time writing those very readings that nobody exactly wants to read because they are super boring. Actually, they do make sense but some of them are so retarded, you are probably wondering whether they asked their dog to write it because it seems like they didn't put any effort into it. Yes, it is that crap. Not all la. Most of them are just too smart for me to understand and then I get pissed off because I need to concentrate to think about what it is trying to say.
Anyway, my first exam is on Saturday and at 2pm! What the hell is wrong with them?

Saturday=Sabbath day=Day of rest.
Don't they know?
Well, at least I know people will be praying for me! Ey! Remember hor!

Speaking of which, many of you would be wondering why I am still blogging when I ought to be studying.


♥ Princess Serene

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