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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 ♥
Lately ♥ 5:46 PM

I had been stressed by events occurring in every aspect of my life:( I realised cooking can be very stress relieving.

So, I had been cooking up quite a storm literally. If Uncle and Aunt had seen the kitchen in that state, I think I might be living on the streets now.

Spaghetti Marinara... Ciao Italia's is still more awesome:(

One day...

The other day I saw this cute kitty. Say Meeeeow!

I am at Singapore... not. This is the new Perth underground train station in city. I still can't believe I got out of the house in 15 minutes!

Me:(Blur sleepy look and in PJs)
Tash: Ey, you want to go city?
Me: Mmm
Tash: Well, we have to get out in 15 minutes time!
Me: Can't we just take the car?
Tash: NO!
Me: Ok(sad face and still sleepy)

Brush teeth, wash face and changed and looking city worthy in 15 minutes! I can join the army:P

And help raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundation by buying their stuff... Even if you don't have breasts! Don't be so giam(Hokkien for stingy) can?

So pink and pretty, how to resist??!!


♥ Princess Serene

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