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Saturday, October 04, 2008 ♥
Hymnal Evangelistic 2008- The breath of life and peace ♥ 11:36 PM

And so the Junior choir, Instrumental group and Choir presented our hymns. I refuse to show pictures of our choir gown because it is so shiny it probably reflect the flash and you won't see our faces anyway. We seriously need get new choir gowns and I'll get around that after my finals. 3 whole months should be sufficient to work something that everybody is happy with less shiny.

After that, we went to have dinner at this new place 2 bowls. For a moment I thought this would be it! My favourite handmade noodles but it was a disappointing letdown. Singapore's $3 bowl of 'ban mien' wins handdowns. I should start a 'Ban mien' shop here.

The restaurant was pretty small and there were like more than 20 of us there. Yes, we Perth youths are very chummy:P

Mel and I are considered ASIANS because we love taking photos so much. Mel is so yummy:P

Joyce and Esther are too cool for the camera.

I shall end with the joke of the day compliments of Theresa. Super blond moment.

Theresa: Hey look at the diagrams!
All the girls on the table: ???
Somebody: Erm, I think those are pictures.

(Everybody break out in laughter)

And as tradition, bubble tea after!

♥ Princess Serene

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