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Saturday, October 04, 2008 ♥
Being helpful ♥ 11:50 PM

I always thought that if I abide with the rule of 'Love God, love man', my life will be perfect.

But it seems that my plan has backfired because I seemed to bring upon myself more problems. Yes, trust me to get into trouble.

Being too helpful can get me into trouble. I know, how ironic. Apparently, I am too overly helpful that I convey the wrong message and I don't even know how or why people see it that way. I do the same to both brothers and sisters(ok, I think I go even more out of my way to help my dear sisters) but I don't understand why I am subjected to so much scrutiny when I help a brother. Honestly, GIRLS DOES NOT BEHAVE THE SAME WAY AS GUYS. I know that when a guy is extra nice to a girl, he wants something from you or perhaps, even fancy you. But I believe girls are different or I can say I am different. I help when I can. In fact, when I really want to do it, I feel a sense of contentment while doing it. All I had in my mind was to help people to the best of my abilities and that is how I show love for others. Yet, I am being shot down for going that extra mile to help some one.

I seriously don't know how else I can 做人。If I don't help, then I get criticize for not being caring. And if I help, I am giving off a wrong message. SO WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?! I'm feeling extremely frustrated.

I know that my own conscience tells me that whatever I had done was right and that I shouldn't give a damn to what people have to say but then, again, I want to make every one happy.

Give me a break and stop judging me ok? This way, we both can be happy and nobody gets hurt.

♥ Princess Serene

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