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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ♥
To my dearest lil' brother with love ♥ 9:33 AM

A very happy 19th birthday to you. May God continue to guide your path and keep you all your life.

We had spent 19 very interesting years together... And these are some of the memories deeply implanted in my heart.

You used to hug me in our baby photos until you grew up and decided it was uncool to take photos.
You used to make me order food for you because you were too afraid to do it yourself.
You used to poke me just to see whether I will start a fight with you. That usually happens, and we turn out violent. And then we have to face Mom's fury.
You used to wake up uber early with me so that we can watch cartoons on Sunday mornings.
You used to own so many matchbox cars and bring it everywhere.
You used to play with all your cars and I end up playing with you.
You used to hide in my room so Mom can't find you to get you to take a bath.
We used to play in the bathtub and our self made slide but it all stopped when you got injured in an awkward place.
You used to save me from insects until you got older and got scared of them too.
We used to play catching in the house because our kitchen has 2 doors.
We used to play 'guess the sauce' at Macdonalds and we put heaps of chili sauce on dad's.
We used to want Macdonalds whenever we eat out and only dad allows it when he is babysitting us.
You used to hog the computer and I can't use it.
You got Americanised and stop calling me 姐姐.
You called me 姐姐 when you need special favors from me=.=
We stopped physical fighting and upgraded to words.
We started calling each other names.
You attempted to teach me to play CS and Dota but failed miserably because I lasted a whole 5 seconds and died.
You were brave enough to try my first fried rice and actually finishing it.
You irritating the hell out of me when you made the bathroom so wet each time you shower.
How we celebrated when our parents go for holidays and we were home alone.
You surprised me when you wanted me to teach you to play Canon in D on the piano.
I still keep Doggie that you bought for my birthday and I bring him wherever I go.
I appreciate the times when you come into my room late at night to chat.
You surprised me when you sang while I played the piano.
The secrets you told me and probably no one else.
I still kept the secrets you told me.
I hate it when you told me about certain stuff and I have to 'act blur' when Dad or Mom ask.
I still remembered how you insulted my babydoll tops by calling them maternity clothes.
I appreciate your frank comments about my dressing and makeup.
I still remember when I whinge about my braces and you told me 'no pain no gain'
I remembered when I was trying to fix your face and you whinge and I told you 'no pain no gain'
I'm surprised that you listened when I told you that shirt isn't nice
I still can't believe you own more cologne than I own perfume.
You are a more crazy shopper than me.
I feel secretly proud of you when we go out because my lil' brother is so tank.
I remembered you keep asking me to gym and I went with you for a grand total of 1. Sorry la, I'm allergic to gym. Swimming is better:)
You drinking up my red wine because I couldn't take it anymore.
You meant to pierce our ears together but I got scared and asked you to do it first.
I remembered feeling sad when you decided to stay over at Azriel's place and BW have to send me home.
Your questionable taste in music until I introduced R&B into your life.
You have pretty awesome music now:)
I remembered we used to go out late at night.
Our late night Macdonalds suppers
You gaming late into the night, and I actually appreciating you there when I'm still up.
You making me special sprite.
Although we are older, when we share a bed, we still play imaginary line and 'my space!'
You actually dared to sit in my car when I drive.
We doing online shopping together.
You asking me to get you stuff online because your card was not working.
Playing 'big two' late into the night between the 2 of us.
You scaring the hell out of me when I just woke up.
You letting me abuse you when you are in the mood to accomodate me.
You being my slave and carry my luggage when I leave for Perth.
You letting me shout at you when I got angry for no apparent reason.

We share many happy times together. And you are always my lil' brother and I'll always love you despite the shit you do to me sometimes.

I know that even though you act tough outside, I know that deep inside you is a tender heart.

FINALLY I GOT HOLD OF ONE OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS! Asked him where Daddy and Mommy went, and my blur brother says 'I don't know'=.= Anyway, I can't believe I spoke to you on the phone for 2 hours last night. The last time we had such a long conversation was when I was last in Singapore. Thanks for hearing my whinging AGAIN and tell me certain stuff and our deep conversation:) And realised how sneaky our parents are! Haha, I still can't believe they asked you those questions! Oh and you have really grown- more matured:) I'm very proud of you my little 弟弟! Traumatised by the last time you were here? Aiya, my driving is more pro now already! And I found more places to go:) Hope to see you really soon!*hugs*

♥ Princess Serene

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