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Saturday, September 27, 2008 ♥
Steamboat@church ♥ 2:30 PM

Yum! After giving out the evangelistic meeting pamphlets (my group is the best! We are the first to come back!), and playing some station games(and I thought my team will lose but I think the 'talking to a truthseeker' game saved our ass^^ We came in first ok!), WE FINALLY GOT TO EAT DINNER!

And then of all the tables, I decided to chose the steamboat that takes the longest to boil! Super depressed and hungry and when it finally boiled, I was happy again!



Went home to rest. I don't know how come I get tired so easily these days. So many things in my mind yet I am not the kind to share my thoughts freely with anybody. Although I am super loud and approachable, I am actually a very private person.

So if you think you know me very well because you are reading my blog regularly, I'm sorry to disappoint you because... this blog is about my life and not my little secrets.

♥ Princess Serene

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