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Sunday, September 28, 2008 ♥
On love ♥ 10:36 AM

No, I am not talking about the typical boy-girl relationship type but the love for one another.

The trip to Lola resort at Bintan was the beginning of the numerous overseas trips that I went with the Singapore youths. That was like ages ago and I was still having my braces! Many happy memories there:)

Anyway, I remembered vividly that on the boat ride to Bintan, when everybody was starting to doze off, I sat there thinking, WHAT IF TERRORISTS COME ON BOARD?!I know lah, super drama but then again, I have a very imaginative mind plus the 9/11 incident was still on everybody's mind. Oh, and who can forget the tsunami? I was seriously comtemplating the options on a particular scenerio. What if, the terrorists are willing to spare everybody if one person is willing to sacrifice his/her life? I know it sounds super weird but then again, I'm pretty good at negotiating so this scenerio might happen. Ey, I was still young and have a naive mind ok? But at that point of time, I decided that if anybody is to sacrifice his/her life, that person would be me. Just because I am willing to die for my loved ones. And you might be wondering who are my loved ones when I'm only travelling with some random people from church? They are my loved ones because we are one big family. We act like one anyway. Looking out for one another, having I grew up with most of these people and I was taught to call them Uncle/Auntie/Jie jie/ Ge ge. I guess I'm probably closer to some of them than my relatives because I think I see them more often than my relatives! And for the record, although I'm older now, I still hardly call any of them by their names. I guess it is just an Asian thing.

Recently, this thought came to me in a dream and this is the first time I shared it with anyone. I'm not trying to act noble or anything but I am one who treasure family and love a lot. And if for one person, the terrorists would spare everybody(that including people I don't know), I really really wouldn't mind even though I would be bloody scared.

Then I wonder, how far would this love I have for people go? I seriously don't know. I am a person who is super emotional and I do things mostly by feelings. I love this quote 'Love each other, or perish' by Morris in 'Tuesdays with Morris'.

Without love, what am I? Yet some times, it is because of this love that gets me into trouble. Like I never thought that my actions could lead to some dire consequences. Perhaps, when I help out too much, people may get the wrong idea that I like a particular person which is simply untrue because in my simple mind, all I wanted to do was helping a person the way I would like to be helped in that particular situation.

Right now, I am a little hesitant to help others because I don't know what others will think of me yet I truly want to help out with a pure simple intention in mind.

So please, don't misunderstand me if I am being helpful. I am simply trying to be doing my part as a princess of God.

♥ Princess Serene

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