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Saturday, September 20, 2008 ♥
My reflection of my 21 years on earth ♥ 11:03 PM

I know this come a bit late but then I'm the kind of person who starts to be thankful when I'm in some kinda of tough situation. Thank God for making me a optimist and also to chuck me in some difficult times once in a while so that I can see His grace.

I remembered that a week before my birthday, I was whinging in Jerick's car about my 21st year being a crap year because apparently everything goes downhill from there. Then he mentioned our Taiwan trip and that is where I start thinking about more happy moments.

I feel that most of my good times are owe much to my dearest parents who sponsored my trips. Seriously, without them, I don't think I will be able to travel around that frequently:) For that, I'm super grateful to them. I think it is time I go on a holiday with them because for the last 2 years, I had been travelling with my dear sisters and brothers in Christ.

Personally, I enjoyed my Taiwan trip immensely because I got to spend time with my dearest Zulu woman, know Carmen better, talk nonsense to KKMC, got entertained by Edwardy, played more Uno than I had in my entire life, do heaps of shopping, get stuffed with yummy food, meet people I know whom I haven't seen for some time and know more people! Talking about Taiwan trip made me feel blessed already:)

And then come mid year and I went to Sydney, not exactly expecting that I will meet so many awesome people and have a great time. Thank God I didn't have cold feet and withdraw from the trip or I'll be super regretting now.

In my 21 years, I believe I managed to do many things most 21 years old haven't had the chance to do. Like, even though my father isn't a pilot, the places I had been to has been quite a handful. Besides, I had achieved so much in my short life... Not in chronological order.

I had climbed the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, went scuba diving, skiing, went on a bush walk, got lost in another bush walk, got escorted by a police car, spa in a hot spring, gone roller blading and cycling, went to disneyland and disneyworld, sat in many crazy roller coasters, enjoyed life in a cottage with huge fireplace in blue mountains, ice skating, learnt ballet, learnt pilates, play the piano and violin, maintain a blog for 3 years, been there for people when they need me, have many friends who loves me, shopping almost became a career, survived in Thailand with the poor for 3 weeks, enjoying older people's company in Thailand, bring joy to people, can speak 2 languages fluently and understand various Chinese dialects, drive with one hand, park decently, identify car brands, love pink with a dedicated passion, kiss many people(on the cheeks la), being able to hold decently long conversation with my brother occasionally, love to ask questions, frustrate my friends with my unceasing questions, being able to laugh at myself, gone to the beach late at night alone, have a mother who cook awesome food, have a dad who is smart, have parents who trust me and give me a lot of liberty, have a brother who respect and listen to my advice in fashion, able to put on fake eyelashes, walk decently in sky high stilettos, get into deep conversations with friends, have wonderful big brothers in Christ who looks out for me, big sisters in Christ keeping my behaviour in check, owned a dog whom I truly love very much, have a wonderful family, survived the tough Singapore education system, have 2 close friends whom went through thick and thin with me, gone on fishing trips even in the rain in the name of experiments, try stupid stuff in the name of curiosity, ate sheep brain in Indonesia, survived Indonesia's crazy traffic, drive around in my red Suzuki Swift, had grandparents who owned a farm, had fun with fire crackers, sleepover nights in Sembabwang church, gone paragliding, grew up with a bunch of boys, still a tomboy at heart, appreciating fine arts, been heartbroken, got carried by transvestites(what were my parents thinking?!), been the object of interest in Turkey, climbed the wall of China, saw snow for the first time in Korea, been to the beautiful beaches in Perth, been blessed to grow up in the Lord and there is so much more!

If you finished reading the above paragraph, it is really admirable! Anyway, I realised my life has been very eventful because somehow, I managed to get myself into trouble. Yes, you can associate my name with trouble if you want but the things I experienced in my life has been very interesting. I wouldn't trade my life for anything despite the bouts of sadness I have to go through. I'm thankful for God and my parents who gave me everything most things. Even if it is not everything, I believe that it is just enough not to get me spoilt:)

I am thankful.

♥ Princess Serene

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