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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 ♥
Once in a while, let your sense of adventure take over your sensibility ♥ 12:00 AM

I need time alone
To face the fact that I was actually turning 21
I'm becoming of the age
That I thought was far away

Telling somebody I'm off for a drive
And I was gone
To a destination where my heart decides
Most part of the ride
I found tears on my cheeks

I was afraid of the future
Or was I afraid that I am growing too old too soon?

I found myself lost
And calls and smses start streaming in
Each surprised that I was alone

Then I realised
There is nothing to worry
I have family and friends
And most importantly

With Him,
I have nothing to fear

I was alone at Trigg beach at 12am
Screaming at the top of my voice
Wishing myself a very happy birthday

And I'll always treasure this moment
Remembering it well
Because I was alone
With the stars above me
The sea in front of me
And God by my side
Him whom will never disappoint me

I found my way home
The way I found my way to the beach
This time
At peace with myself.

♥ Princess Serene

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