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Wednesday, August 27, 2008 ♥
My birthday wish list ♥ 4:02 PM

Even before my birthday is here, I already got 2 early birthday present already:)

From my dearest parents. I had been going on and on about wanting diamonds and I finally got it:) Too bad the ring didn't fit so I sent it back to Singapore. Thanks RP for being our courier:)
Way way back in the beginning of the year, before I left for Perth, my 2 darlings gave me this. The golden KEY! Even the box is pretty:)

And now for my wish list:)

Dad, can I assume mum bought me the jewellery:P Then I can have another present? Haha, I can imagine my dad retorting 'You think I look like bank ah?!' Ok, that image in my head just cracked me up. I can so imagine my dad saying that to me:P

I know all the things I want is very expensive but I really want them. Some are even priceless. I can't help if my taste is too exquisite, can I? Not in any order.

1. Finepix Z200fd 10 Megapixel pink camera. You know how much I love taking photos and my old one is dying on me. Plus it's pink!
2. I wouldn't even mind this hot pink Z20fd model!
3. My pink Samsung is dying on me too or I would never want to change it! Saw this Nokia E71 the other day. Super hot. I know it is not pink but I can always diamonte it:P

4. MAC make up brushes! Ok, not the whole complete set but at least I should own some decent brushes right?


5. Gimme a job!!! I'm gonna graduate soon and I need a stable job!

6. Dresses, shoes, tops, skirts, pants, bags! Can never get enough of them:)

7. Anything pink!

Hmm, that's pretty much all. If all fails, just give me an Ang pow:) I'll be contented with that but nothing beats a nice present;)

♥ Princess Serene

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