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Saturday, August 23, 2008 ♥
My first movie in Perth ♥ 11:08 PM

I know I sound very pathetic but it's true! I don't usually like watching movies at the cinema. Like why would I want to do that when my home has a huge plasma tv, surround sound system and comfy sofas? Plus the fact that I can pause the movie half way if I need to go to the toilet. Or if I want to bitch about a certain actor I could do that to Tash and won't worry about people shushing me.

Anyway, no thanks to Max, I was persuaded to go watch Tropic Thunder at Carousel. So much for resisting peer pressure. Ben, Max, Jerick, Theresa, Alison and Amanda ended up watching the movie. That movie is CRAP! It has famous people in it and some slap stick comedy scenes but you come out of the theater thinking 'what the hell happened?' and the amount of vulgarities is too excessive.

Went to Fast Eddy after movie and had some chit chat. You guys never fail to talk about the most random stuff. Jerick, I'm pretty sure coke doesn't help solve tummy aches. And I'm not as rich as you to go on a $79 cap just so I can get that Nokia E71. There must be some other ways.

So much for going home early to rest:x

♥ Princess Serene

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