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Thursday, August 21, 2008 ♥
Food poisoning in UWA ♥ 8:39 PM

Never in my 2 semesters in UWA had I entered the toilets so many times. And mind you, UWA is old and the toilets are super dodgy. I usually don't hang around uni for long and thus has eluded the toilets for some time until today. Come on, I'm pretty sure UWA is rich enough to renovate the toilets. They smell weird. But then again, I have a sensitive nose.

Had to hang around UWA for a grand total of 7 hours because of my stupid test. I better do well in it! And to think that I woke up at 6am which is extremely ridiculous because I'm a growing child and all growing children needs sufficient sleep. No wonder Asians are so short, all the kids in Asia have to wake up at 6am if they have the morning session in school. Stunt growth. Must be the cause! Which makes me think, HOW DID I SURVIVE 12 YEARS OF EDUCATION IN SINGAPORE??? Never fail to amaze me...

Ok, I digress. Anyway, I stupidly finished the carbon pills in my emergency bag last week so there was none left:S Had to sweat it out for 7 hours. Pitiful or not? Well, at least I wasn't as bad as Ken though, you should have seen him on Sunday, he was so pale!

You know, food poisoning is a very tiring job. In pain and agony right now:(:(:( I'm thinking whether it was the yogurt that Ken gave me that caused this or not because it started from last night! But then again, nothing happened to Michael. Maybe it's my delicate stummy throwing a tantrum.

Ok, I'll try the yogurt again next week, Ken. Then we shall know whether that is the cause or not:P And this time, I'm bringing along my carbon pills:D

Sidenote: How come so much came out but I'm not any lighter??? Not logical. Gah! So much pain and no results. Gay... At least, I know I done some big time detox there!

♥ Princess Serene

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