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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 ♥
I left my heart in Sydney ♥ 11:22 PM

It was an awesome 10 days in Sydney. The trip to Snowy mountains was just incredible because... I drove for more than 7 hours ACCIDENT FREE:) Ok, not just that. The company was just fabulous! To tell you the truth, I wasn't exactly looking forward to the flight to Sydney. I went because of my two dear big 哥哥 and until now, I think they still refuse to believe I went because of them.

Bad memories of skiing, that's why. The last time I skiied was when I was 12 in Korea. I remembered vividly that I couldn't feel my toes and I thought I was gonna get frostbite. Call me a drama queen but seriously, when you were 12, not being able to feel your toes can be pretty traumatic.

Anyway, I went to the Snowy mountains with 14 other people. Of whom I know a grand total of 3 people. Kor kor Ling Qian aka Kor kor Mad cow(KKMC), Kor kor Ernie and Winly bear bear. Thankfully, I'm not as shy as KKMC so I'm absolutely fine with making another 11 new friends:) Although I admit it was pretty daunting but I adjust well. Since we are from the same church, somehow you can feel the love. I know I sound very cheesy but seriously, I feel like we are one big family. Everybody is caring and a large amount of give and take thrown in. Try throwing 15 people whom don't know each other and are not from TJC together. I don't think they will last long.

This won't be a picturous(is there such a word?) entry since I still have Perth Youth camp to attend:S All the precious photos are not with me so PLEASE hurry up and Australian Post me the photos!!!*hint hint*

Slept really late because Tash and I had a chatting session in my room. Woke up super early today at 9am to wash my clothes before going for the camp. Camp started on Monday but I was still in Sydney so yeah. I realised that I never washed my own clothes using the washing machine before because my home uncle and aunt are kind enough to do it for me! Had me stressing for awhile because I wasn't exactly sure where I should put my hot pink clothes. Whites or darks? In the end I chuck it in the whites because I decided that if the pink runs, I wouldn't half mind my whites turning into pink anyway:D

Drove to camp which was not that far after the amount of driving in Sydney. About 30 minutes? Can't exactly speed because there is so many cars. Met Stanley whom I'm pretty sure look so different from last year that I refused to believe it was him. I was like, 'that's not Stanley*makes face*' Unfortunately it was him. Oops*blush*

I came home half hoping that by some magical force my room would be neat and tidy but no, it was still a mess. At least Tash helped take down my washed clothes and folded them:) Room still in pretty bad shape though.

I think I'm always extremely fortunate when it comes to policemen. Tasha was saying that God probably send a whole troop of guardian angels to protect me because I'm such a crazy driver and it's amazing how I haven't gotten into any accidents..yet. See, my parents prayers are powermama:P I'm not that bad really but Indery kept screaming at me when I drove myself home in my baby after she and Tash came to pick me up from the airport. Ok, I digress. Back to policemen. I was doing 90km/h on a 60km/h road and there was a police car parked at the roadside. It just so happen that the policeman was writing something and hence not holding the speed gun( is that what you call that?). Every time i am speeding, the police dude is doing something else. I thought I was seriously dead when i saw the police car. Thank God, the police didn't come after me so I guess I can safely assume I didn't get a ticket. Hallelujah to that!

Ok, enough drama for the day. It has been a long day. I'm so crazily busy, I want a day where I can doing nothing. Seriously, every holiday is crazy. I never seem to be one of those who have absolutely nothing to do during my holidays. I don't understand why. Alright, I better shut up before somebody hit me for complaining that my life is far too interesting for me to handle.

♥ Princess Serene

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