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Thursday, July 24, 2008 ♥
Feeling exhausted ♥ 10:48 PM

I had been so busy for the last month! In fact, I had not actually had time for myself ever since my exam was over because immediately after that I left for Sydney and after Sydney was church camp and after that Rui Ping came over to visit me. She left today afternoon and suddenly I felt so drained and exhausted. I had not have time for myself yet but straight after I came home from the airport, I did crazy cleaning of my entire room to distract myself so that I won't feel upset about RP leaving. I started on the underneath of my bed and horror of horrors. It didn't feel like I have that many shoes:S


I got invited to a gathering at Joyce's place today at 5pm so my evening was pretty much spent at her place.

Girls power!

Yummy food:)

Joyce made crepes! It taste so nice:D

Look what Grace gave me:) I mentioned to Grace that I wanted clover at church camp and I never expected to get one. Touched^^

Looking back the days I spent since I came back from Sydney, it had been a hectic time. I'm actually amazed that I'm not sick yet due to the lack of sleep. Isn't it ironic that everybody is complaining that they are super bored and I'm complaining that I'm too busy? It's so hard to please me. Anyway, I think I should start my next entry with my Sydney trip and then another for my winter break in Perth.

♥ Princess Serene

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