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Friday, June 27, 2008 ♥
It is ♥ 3:52 AM


Weeeeee, exams are over and I plan to play extremely hard before next semester comes in because I'm gonna be a full time nerd for the next semester. I promised! I'm serious this time before I can see the HD and D saying bye bye to me. I suppose I didn't deserve them anyway since you can see that I spent too much time frolicking around the river trying to catch fish, or doing random stuff which is super useless. So not looking forward to the next semester really.

After today's paper, I seriously had no mood to get out because I thought the paper was easy if I had studied a bit harder for it. Like, my good memory died on me. No funny. I blame it on the 53 formulaes I had to memorise for the previous paper. I only have 2 GB memory ok? Needs upgrading although I don't know how. Ahhh, 8 more exams to go!!

But still went out today. Can't believe you guys drag me out. Ok, it's Ashton and Ben's birthday anyway. No choice. But I enjoyed myself immensely. I nearly forgot how it felt like after the long trauma of exams.

Anyway, we had Matsuri then Utopia. And BECAUSE it's Ben's birthday, I ended up singing karaoke-____-" Still don't like it.

At Matsuri


I hope the guys like their presents:) Ahhh, Ashton act cute!
Group picture!

The girls!

With Mel

Ben got high from singing!
Super tired now!!! I can't really go to sleep because I just finished packing my stuff at 3am and I have to leave my house for my flight to Sydney at 4.30am. Gayness, I feel so sleep deprived:S

In case you had forgotten or miss me, here is a big ass picture of me after surviving my exams:)

Sydney I come!!! God bless:)

♥ Princess Serene

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