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Friday, May 02, 2008 ♥
What has become of this world? ♥ 1:28 PM

First we hear about this Australian couple who has an incestuous relationship. Ok, so they say that they didn't know are are biologically related until later. Ok, fine, fair enough although I can't understand why she wants such an old guy as her boyfriend. Argh.

But then, came along an Austrian dude who really went to the extreme. Hidding his daughter in the windowless cellar for freaking 24 years. WHAT KIND OF FATHER WOULD DO THAT TO HIS CHILD!!!

After reading a bit more, I found out that he not only hide but rape her. Super angry. 真是狗都不如!He should not be sitting in his prison cell drinking coffee but be tortured every single hour. That's for the pain suffered by his daughter to carry his 7 kids and giving birth to them without any medical help. And I'm not even including the 24 years that she was kept in the cellar. Don't say we are inhumane. We give him a bit of discount ok. Cutting his naughty little dick without anesthetic Castrating him would only compensate only 0.05% of the pain she has to suffer. Rub salt into the wound? And leave him in the dark for the rest of his life. Actually, make him live in the cellar where he hide his daughter. Food and water once every 2 days. Oh dear, I'm becoming the very sadist myself but he seriously deserve it. Although i don't think whatever we do to him will be able to repay whatever suffering his daughter have to go through.

That 24 years... I wasn't even born yet. I sincerely feel sorry for her. Imagine, no chance to make new friends, go to school, meet the love of her life, go shopping, go out with friends. The simple little things that we take for granted suddenly seem to make me feel that i'm a lucky girl.

I know I am. It's just that some times the going gets tough and I forget. Maybe, these news are around to constantly remind us that our lives are not that bad really.

♥ Princess Serene

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