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Saturday, May 24, 2008 ♥
Jackie, Sari and Yvonne's birthday ♥ 11:00 PM

A huge gathering at Oleh oleh cafe. According to my Singaporean/Malaysian instinct, I could feel that there is something wrong at this cafe because there is nobody in there.

Max reckons his hand is pretty. I like to think it's chubby:) It's smooth though. Not surprisingly since that guy eludes work whenever he can.

Not surprisingly too, the food is pretty crap. I kinda of expected that. Disappointing. Never going there ever again. I think i can cook better than that. I was kind of upset since food is crap. And the quality of food directly affects my mood. Thank God for the fabulous people i was surrounded by. Max was sitting beside me and as usual, he was talking about funny stuff which I don't think I should write here.

My policy is that you can't have a birthday celebration without a birthday cake. Made Kor kor Henry run out to get the cake at the last minute.

All the pretty chicks:)

Some of us went home while the rest met up at Utopia. Ben and Jerick started rating girls on the MV. And therefore start a debate and who is the hottest chick*shake head*

There are heaps of crazy people out there at Northbridge. Ben is being gay. He says he won't protect us if bad people attack us:( I guess I just have to guard myself with my Winnie the pooh umbrella. Damn, I wasn't even wearing my 4 inches heels!

♥ Princess Serene

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