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Sunday, May 25, 2008 ♥
Gathering@Botanical Cafe ♥ 9:35 PM

Once again, as usual is our custom, we have our gathering all thanks to our organiser, Nicole. And she must be delirious that her "friend" David is here:P Yep, that's the guy in the blue jumper.

Christine was also over here. Last minute decision. Damn, what is wrong with these people? Just because they feel like it being the reason coming over-.-

Nice warm sunny weather:) And I love Aussie's culture. You see all the families gathering together and enjoying themselves in the glorious weather instead of being stuck in the mall, spending heaps of money.


Haven't seen Shu Ling for ages! Finally seeing her again although we stay so near each other.

Look at all the yummy food! *drools*

Group photo!


♥ Princess Serene

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