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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 ♥
Fishing:) ♥ 10:10 PM

in the POURING rain. I love rain. I love fishing. NO problem. Cold wind? Big problem. Nearly died in the cold.

Anyways, fishing despite getting any fish beats studying hands down. Alright, the high tide+raining combo which is meant to bring in the fishies has been BUSTED! We went to Nedlands first which was in the North of the river and there wasn't fish. So we drove to the South of the river to Applecross ALSO no fish!

Wilchen, apparently you can't use squid in freshwater! No wonder no fish>< Plus, the rain means no fish. My friend who is also a fishing fanatic told me when he goes fishing in the rain, he don't get fish either. I think that pretty much support our theory.

If Sunday is gonna be raining, forget about the trip. If no rain, go for it because it's high tide! Don't use the squid ok? Save it for Freo trip in, uh 1.5 month's time. Sorry dude, my exams is coming!

If only fishing is in the exams, I'm so gonna ace it!

After that, wash up and went over to Wilchen kor kor's place to have dinner. Jonny was there too! And we started talking nonsense when i complained that oil prices keep going up. Jonny suggested we fish all the blowies and use them for fuel. Fantastic idea except we need an engineer for that:( Any volunteers? We can be millionaires if this idea work!!! Heh:)

♥ Princess Serene

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