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Monday, April 21, 2008 ♥
Fishing at Applecross! ♥ 10:32 AM

Indery got me addicted to fishing! I so need to get my own fishing rod! No guesses what colour it would be... PINK!

Vince and I were bored and after a while decided on a fishing trip! Managed to round up about 9 people?

We met at Point Walter first but there wasn't many fishes around. Not even blowies can?? Say hello to the black swan.


After not even catching a blowie, we decided to move over to Applecross jetty.

Beginners luck! Ken caught the first decent fish!


Next up, post-beginner luck. I have something for Breems i think, keep catching them:)


It got colder and colder. Even i got sian so we started photowhoring:P From left: Mel, Amanda, Alison and me


The last 2 survivors! Wilson and Ken. I think they were sian too but i made them finish the bait.


Had Mackers around 12am? Mel's friends were working there so we got free food:) Ahhh, fishing crave satisfied but got an awful cold today:( OK, i don't look sick but i really am. Just that i'm a very cheerful person:)

Anyway, let's go fishing AGAIN!

♥ Princess Serene

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