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Thursday, April 17, 2008 ♥
Crazy girls night out! ♥ 11:44 PM

A huge crave for sashimi! And i got to know that my friend's parents own Shimizu Grand which offer a dinner buffet so i decided to try it out. Virtually dragged the girls out with me to eat:)
Indery and Inda didn't dress up for the occasion! I can't believe them! Tash, Tika and I were wearing dresses but Indery and Inda were in blouse and jeans! The atmosphere was initially awkward since i do not really know Tika but after awhile, we started to loosen up. I think i can thank the Sake. Oh and it taste nothing like rice despite it made from rice. And Dad, we ordered only 2 puny bottles, the size of your palm because we wanted to try the difference between the warm sake and the cold one. And there are 5 people so we didn't have much:) The warm one taste sweeter, I like! Once we got into the same frequency, that's it! I think we were super loud la and no, i don't think you want to know what we were taking about. This is strictly girls talk:) JW's parents were really nice and they gave me a pair of chopstick which although is not pink, is still pretty.
sh it is. I'm not paid to endorse them but if anybody wants Japanese food, this is really worth the money:) Ok, i think i should stop raving about them.
You can see our happy faces. The food is awesome!


Ok, we got very high. No thanks to Tika and Indery's 'Om-pa!' Went back to Indery's home so that she can change because we want to go to Burswood for drinks. Things start to go crazy in my car... Ben the rough hair terrier. I don't know what is so interesting about the drink.
PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Finally! My mudslide:)
After that, we felt hungry so we went Mackers drive thru. Indery dared me to order pop corn chicken.
Person taking orders: Hi, what do you want? Me: '2 large fries please?' Oh, and one large pop-corn chicken please. (The girls giggling behind) (Looong pause) Person: Huh? Me: Never mind! Just the fries:) OK, we are being retards... And the ride home was thrilling eh, girls? Next time, I want to be in the back seat. Somebody else can drive:)

♥ Princess Serene

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