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Sunday, March 09, 2008 ♥
Rockingham beach ♥ 5:03 PM

I think i had been visiting heaps of beaches these days. Well, one must make the most out of summer before the dready winter comes. And then it would be bye bye lovely tan, hello pale skin. Not that I will go disgustingly pale because I'm Asian. I think that is the only good thing:)

I decided Rockingham beach isn't that far. Maybe because Cliff was speeding or the company in the car was great. Or maybe it's a combo of both;)

Today's beach visiting wasn't my idea by the way, it was Uncle Wei's.

We all met at my home. Looks like we are on the beach but we are just at the playground:)

We are here!

I ♥ Australian beaches! Look what i found! A dead jelly fish.

The pristine beach. I didn't even photoshop the pictures. It is just THIS beautiful. I'm pretty sure God scored an A* for arts:P

We had beach then Chicken treat for lunch then beach then ice-cream. I think everybody has established the fact that i'm a pig. I keep eating and eating BUT i can't help it. I eat when i'm happy. That can't be bad right?

Jerick looks pretty in my hat hey?

At Cape Peron. To prove the point that it's uber windy, just look at uncle Wei. He is going to fly fly fly away!

With the twins!

In the end, only Jerick, Ashton and I swam to the floats. All the while, i was feeling extremely nervous because i'm scared of sharks and jellyfish. Jerick just need to tease me about it WHILE we were swimming towards the float:S And he has to PURPOSELY swim in front and away from me. But i'm still alive. It's all good:)

Jing jie took this picture of me and I ♥ it. Seaweed anyone?

I'm happy and beautifully browned:) I hope it last through winter! And boy am i glad that I'm not the one driving home.

♥ Princess Serene

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