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Tuesday, March 04, 2008 ♥
Farewell dinner with my woman in Perth ♥ 11:16 PM

I'm extremely sadded:( My shopping/bitching session/comforter/always there for me buddy is ABANDONING me for Singapore:( I'm still not over it. SHONIA, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME???

But i have to respect her decision and i see her point in leaving Perth. Yes woman, i don't doubt those reasons you told me because i trust you. Except on time. You totally suck at being on time. Haha, like i'm good at it.

Anyway, we went to Ciao Italia FINALLY. Been wanting to go there ever since Shonia delivered a slice of Tiramisu to my home in early 2007 because she knows that i ♥ Tiramisu. Well, the food is as good as whatever i hear from people. And best of all, the serving is huge given the price!

Just to make you all drool all over your keyboard:P

With my dear dear woman

I wish you all the best in Singapore and I'll meet up with you when i'm there! I'm soooo gonna miss you:(

♥ Princess Serene

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